Welcome to Live Team!

We are a growing talent community created for you, to connect you with others in our industry and help you navigate this new world as event opportunity returns. As part of the community, you will learn from others, share your knowledge, and grow your network as part of our first phase, the Talent Network Project.

To get started, you can tell us about yourself and what you're looking for on the Talent Registry. You'll immediately have access to our Live Team community site and resources specifically for event industry professionals. Whether it's conversations, connections, or special programming, you'll find a valuable community designed for your needs.

Live Team Manifesto and Freeman

We are in the business of meaningful connections.

Whether it's people, things, or ideas, Freeman has been the catalyst of connection for 94 years. And we believe these connections can change the world. Make things happen. And build our future.

When we connect, in real-time, we change each other for the better. We broaden our vision and create focus at the same time. Conferences, conventions, conference calls. Presentations, parties, and parades.

In the face of global distancing, we must work together to create human connections and make them as meaningful as possible. We can use every technology to bridge our divides. And to help our customers reach their people, inspire them, and hold on to them.

We can make it safe. Yet also deep, and powerful, and moving.

Now is the time to act. We are bringing together the talent and heart of our industry to continue our legacy of meaningful connection. We're ready to move forward and evolve the practice of LIVE, connecting to the ever-expanding world of talent. Together, we are ready for the future of events.

Please join us if you share this vision so that we may move forward together, and make it happen!

What is Live Team and the Talent Network Project (TNP)?

Live Team is a community initiative for event industry talent. We are launching this site as part of an effort to help our industry recover and get back on track quickly. We believe one of the best ways to start planning for this business coming back is to create a network of talent in our community so that once events start again, we can get you prepared for qualified opportunities.

The Talent Network Project (TNP) is our way to activate this community. Our goal with TNP is to bring together a diverse industry talent pool and then using our resources and this community, work together to stay on top of industry opportunities, make connections and collectively continue to build and develop our skill base.

How do I get involved with the Talent Network Project?

It’s easy, we have created a Talent Registry, which will be the place for you to share information about yourself. We will be asking for information about you, what you are looking for and how we can help. You will create a profile, and share your information. Your profile will be password protected, and you can update, change or modify information at any time

Why a Talent Registry?

This registry will help the Freeman hiring managers understand who is available and what skills they have. It will also help us create programming and deliver community sessions to help this get the talent pool back to work, and we have an opportunity to build a community of passionate event professionals that have time to share, learn and network as they prepare to re-enter to job force.

Why is Freeman creating a Talent Registry?

The COVID pandemic has hastened a permanent change on the world and our industry, and while we believe that there is pent-up demand for live events to return when health conditions allow, the new prevailing model for the event industry for years to come will likely be a hybrid of live and virtual events. We want to be prepared and help bring the Talent Network Project's talent pool and the industry along swiftly and prepare them for the new gig economy.

How will you use the data, and who will have access to the data?

We are building a community of talent for our industry. Freeman hiring managers will have access to this data. We will not share or sell your information, and as we grow we will keep you posted of our plans. For more information, please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Do you have jobs for applicants?

The focus of Live Team is for learning, sharing and networking. We will share what we know as jobs become available, and encourage you to check out Freeman’s Career page for the latest job postings.

How often will I hear from you?

Let us know how often you would like to hear from us. We have plans to reach out regularly to share information, and keep the community informed as our industry rebounds. Our goal is to provide trainings, workshops, talks and meetups for this community.

What can I do now to help our industry and help me prepare for my next gig?

Freeman has been advocating for the event industry through Go LIVE Together. Make sure your voice is heard. By signing up, you will be counted among the thousands of companies and individuals represented by Go LIVE Together when they make the appeal to local, state, and federal legislators.

Together we are stronger, and together, we will make a difference.

Let's Go LIVE Together!

How can I update my data?

When signing up for the Talent Registry you will be create a password protected profile. You can update your profile at any time.

A Freeman Initiative

Getting the industry back on track is a major focus for Freeman, and giving industry talent a place to gather, connect, share, network and learn is a priority. In order to do this, we launched LiveTeam.com, which will host the Talent Network Project and Talent Registry. As part of this site, you will be able to register and get access to a community, attend special trainings and learn about opportunities as they become available.

In addition to this initiative, Freeman is active in partnering with Go LIVE Together, a coalition to help the event industry recover from the impact of COVID-19 and protect events as a vital part of our economy and communities.